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Old School Grappling Catch Wrestling Association is dedicated to preserving the traditional art and concepts of Catch as Catch Can Wrestling as taught to us by our Coach Billy Robinson.

We offer student memberships which will allow individuals to learn Catch Wrestling and test for rank when they are ready.

We also offer Affiliate memberships for gym owners that want to add Catch Wrestling to their class schedule.

New Long Distance CACC Learning Program!


Old School Grappling Catch Wrestling Association is proud to present our CACC Distance Learning Program!
We know nothing can replace hands on mat time. But for those of you who are interested in learning catch wrestling but don’t have access to a catch wrestling gym, here’s your opportunity!!
This is the perfect way to learn CACC concepts, techniques and principals Live online and then you can apply and hone your skills in person at any of our seminars and camps!
All you need is a grappling dummy and a computer or cell phone!
If you have a training partner, you can work with them at no extra charge!
We will work with your schedule and custom tailor your lessons to suit your grappling needs!
Contact us via email info@OldSchoolGrappling.com for more info

Ranking System

At Old School Grappling we offer a complete structured, easy to follow ranking system designed for anyone to easily follow. Our videos are extremely detailed and broken down so that even the newest grappler can follow along.

Old School Grappler levels 1 – 8: We focus on Traditional Old School Catch Wrestling from the very basic fundamentals all the way up to Highly advanced Takedowns, Submissions, Pins & escapes!

Assistant Coach: At this Level we get into the more advanced and concepts of old school techniques Catch Wrestling…

Coach level requirements are technique based but more so about gaining the ability and confidence to properly teach catch wrestling.

Lead Coach: A lead Coach is someone who has achieved a complete understanding of Catch Wrestling Concepts and techniques. A lead Coach Is also someone the Coaches can look up to as a perfect example and role model. They can teach classes, private lessons and assist in Seminars and Camps.

Billy Robinson Lineage

We are proud to be part of the Billy Robinson Catch As Catch Can Lineage.


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