About Us

About us

Old School Grappling Catch Wrestling Association is dedicated to preserving the traditional art and concepts of Catch as Catch Can Wrestling as taught to us by our Coach Billy Robinson. 

Our organization is led by Head Coach John Potenza (one of only a handful of people ever promoted to Assistant Coach by Billy Robinson) as well as Coach Sandra Potenza and assistant coaches – John Potenza Jr and Anthony Potenza who have all trained directly with Coach Billy Robinson and have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We are truly a family based operation that always treats our affiliates as part of the family.

Our goal is simple; Spread the art of Catch Wrestling worldwide with the intent to build a solid, reputable Catch Wrestling community that can help bring catch wrestling back into the mainstream once again.

Old School Grappling Catch Wrestling Association has a full, structured curriculum and ranking system in place for those interested in working their way up to eventually become a coach.

We also offer an Affiliate program for school / gym owners that are interested in teaching authentic Catch Wrestling at their location using our easy to follow curriculum.

Here at Old School Grappling we pride ourselves on the high quality of instruction, guidance and outstanding service that we offer our valued students and Affiliates. We have worked hard over the years to become a vital part of the community, and in the process we have earned recognition as one of the premier Catch Wrestling Associations in the world!


What do we offer?

Old School Grappling Catch Wrestling Association Offers:​

  • Affiliate Membership for Gym owners that want to add the Old School Catch Wrestling curriculum into their school
  • Easy to follow Traditional Catch Wrestling Curriculum and Ranking System
  • Affordable Seminars worldwide
  • Coaches Camps
  • Access to tons of Catch Wrestling instructional videos and information
  • Catch Wrestling DVD’s
  • Catch Wrestling Apparel

Student Membership – $50 annually.

The main purpose of this membership is to build the next generation of Catch Wrestlers

Students who sign up for this membership will become eligible to test for rank in Old School Catch Wrestling.

You will have access to the exclusive “member’s only” section of our website!

What’s in the members area of the website?

Gain an edge on your competition or just enhance your ground game with our Continued education video techniques & tips. Also enjoy our exclusive catch wrestling images & artwork.

This membership is also for those who just love Catch Wrestling and want to show their support for the Catch community!

Gym Owners, make your school an official Old School Grappling Affiliate Today!


Gym Owners, make your school an official Old School Grappling Affiliate Today!

Affiliate Membership – Becoming an affiliate has never been easier!

Become an affiliate and start teaching Traditional Catch Wrestling at your gym today!

Join now for just $200 down & $50 per month!

If you are a gym owner and you want to add traditional Catch Wrestling to your schedule then this is the membership for you!


What do you get as an affiliate?

  1. You and your students will become part of the Billy Robinson Catch Wrestling Lineage!
  2. You will receive an Affiliate Gym Certificate with your school name on it making your school an official Old School Grappling Catch Wrestling Association Affiliate Location!
  3. This membership will enable you to teach Traditional Old School Catch Wrestling in your gym as taught to us by our coach Billy Robinson.
  4. You will have access to the Members area of the website.
  5. You will also have access to the Affiliate area of the website which is exclusive to Coaches and includes lesson plans, game planning tips, marketing material, coaching tips, continued education videos and much more.
  6. You will also receive the first 4 Old School Grappling Catch Wrestling Association skill level Videos FREE!
  7. You will have full use of the Old School Grappling Association logos, images and marketing material.
  8. Get direct support from our coaches any time!

Contact us and Join the family today!

Coming Soon:

Kids Catch Wrestling Curriculum

Catch Wrestling for MMA Member videos

Catch Wrestling Combatives

Striking Curriculum